We Built The SMALLEST HOUSES In Minecraft!

Published on May 29, 2021
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⭐️ We Built The SMALLEST HOUSES In Minecraft!
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  • Rozel Pagaduan

    Rozel Pagaduan

    8 hours ago


  • Aiden Smith

    Aiden Smith

    Day ago

    slogo is the best

  • MnM Love503

    MnM Love503

    2 days ago

    You always win

  • SpitfireMustang


    3 days ago

    Josh's is definitely the best :-)

  • Rui Pacheco

    Rui Pacheco

    3 days ago

    Craners was the best of course

  • Rosemarie Garcia

    Rosemarie Garcia

    4 days ago


  • tlamelo gaogane

    tlamelo gaogane

    4 days ago

    Josh did

  • kimberly Brown

    kimberly Brown

    5 days ago

    Slogos house is the best because it has windows

  • HS Mok

    HS Mok

    5 days ago

    slogo 1st in iq,playing games,and building houses in minecraft!!

  • Mohammed Hamz

    Mohammed Hamz

    6 days ago

    Josh’s house best 👌

  • Jamal Ezzeddine

    Jamal Ezzeddine

    9 days ago

    Slogs let’s be friends!

  • Techno Genius

    Techno Genius

    9 days ago

    crainer built the best house.Jelly approved it.

  • RogueWolfYT


    10 days ago


  • Kenod Bogoda

    Kenod Bogoda

    11 days ago

    Hey Josh I think your house is the best because crainer’s and jelly’s house are garbage and crainer broke your window so then it is unfair so looks like you made the good house also yours survived

  • Noel Ruiz

    Noel Ruiz

    12 days ago


  • Angel Raven

    Angel Raven

    12 days ago

    Ok so crainer’s house not the best design and jell’s design not to great for the rain like you said, so your’s is the best one!
    So to some it up Josh wins!

  • khngg


    13 days ago


  • Michelle Vallotton

    Michelle Vallotton

    13 days ago

    Jelly jelly one

  • Melissa Domingue

    Melissa Domingue

    13 days ago

    In jellys distract he said "Slogoman is moving Slomo and his game is soso. But jelly can't move.

  • Shrivartan K

    Shrivartan K

    13 days ago


  • Reilly Aljets

    Reilly Aljets

    15 days ago


  • Momomasaki


    15 days ago

    Crainer is a Fuckling botttt

  • nina dejesus

    nina dejesus

    15 days ago


  • Zac Hibbert

    Zac Hibbert

    16 days ago


  • abdalla alzaabi

    abdalla alzaabi

    16 days ago

    Crainers house house was the best ba cause of mdumb jelly

  • Jermey walksmooth

    Jermey walksmooth

    16 days ago

    You know if you Burn you merchandise it will be the hottest merch in the gain

  • Paige Foster

    Paige Foster

    16 days ago


  • Jan oliver B. Domingo

    Jan oliver B. Domingo

    17 days ago

    What is the name of that mods johs

  • Gary Butler

    Gary Butler

    17 days ago

    Jelly's the best one logo and I'm a fan of all of you plus I can't spell slow go correctly

  • Olivia Heather

    Olivia Heather

    17 days ago

    Slowgo wins

  • Samantha La Torre

    Samantha La Torre

    17 days ago

    Jelly's is the best

  • Ana Laura Puentes

    Ana Laura Puentes

    17 days ago


  • Ana Laura Puentes

    Ana Laura Puentes

    17 days ago


  • Dewayne Johnson

    Dewayne Johnson

    17 days ago

    ok never mind

  • Dewayne Johnson

    Dewayne Johnson

    17 days ago

    i love crainer house jelly and slogo went for the classic

  • Jeremy Yoel Laxamana

    Jeremy Yoel Laxamana

    17 days ago


  • Natton Paul

    Natton Paul

    18 days ago

    I Like slogos house the best

  • Kal Azm

    Kal Azm

    18 days ago


  • Clarenze dave Andres

    Clarenze dave Andres

    18 days ago

    Slogoman the best house

  • Gamer 9190

    Gamer 9190

    18 days ago


  • Minecraft Player

    Minecraft Player

    19 days ago


  • Kylie Nilon

    Kylie Nilon

    19 days ago

    Josh made the best house)

  • Mk Young

    Mk Young

    19 days ago


  • Poonks Team Awesome

    Poonks Team Awesome

    19 days ago

    Crainers house

  • Charie Ramones

    Charie Ramones

    19 days ago

    WOW slogo 🆒😎

  • what you know about rolling down in the deep

    what you know about rolling down in the deep

    19 days ago

    I love you ,r channel



    19 days ago

    Josh can you realiest a bork merch

  • robert demars

    robert demars

    19 days ago

    Josh wins repair the glass

  • Alex Barrett

    Alex Barrett

    19 days ago


  • Cole Douglas

    Cole Douglas

    19 days ago

    Did crainer have to destroy a slogos glass I wanted to see his secret 🤫.

  • Judy Nurse

    Judy Nurse

    19 days ago


  • Rick Reynolds

    Rick Reynolds

    20 days ago

    you give me merch plz

  • Lillian Rose

    Lillian Rose

    20 days ago

    Slow go man a win

  • jennifer quiero

    jennifer quiero

    20 days ago

    Slogo is the best builder

  • Chasity Shultz

    Chasity Shultz

    20 days ago

    Cranier jelly your home is a dump

  • Muhammad Irfan

    Muhammad Irfan

    20 days ago

    How did josh get the painting

  • Aaron Patel

    Aaron Patel

    20 days ago

    Slogo for sure

  • Sunil Patel

    Sunil Patel

    20 days ago

    You can win slogo

  • Logan Nixon-Hilton

    Logan Nixon-Hilton

    20 days ago

    Slogo’s was the best

  • 200 gamerjJM

    200 gamerjJM

    21 day ago


  • Danielle Singleton

    Danielle Singleton

    21 day ago

    Slogo won

  • saku


    21 day ago

    Hmm jelly is small kinda

  • Sketchy


    21 day ago

    Your the best slowgo

  • Appollo Ekhese

    Appollo Ekhese

    21 day ago


  • Bradley Ordonez-Santizo

    Bradley Ordonez-Santizo

    21 day ago

    Day 79 of asking for a fridge reveal.

  • John Powell

    John Powell

    21 day ago

    slogo best C:

  • monhoo monhoo

    monhoo monhoo

    21 day ago

    I dont know all house as cool but myas cooler 😎😎😎

  • FrostFox Army

    FrostFox Army

    21 day ago

    i think josh has the best house

  • KittyCat 'n' DollarDog

    KittyCat 'n' DollarDog

    21 day ago

    You're Cool
    Yours was BEST

  • Rui Pacheco

    Rui Pacheco

    21 day ago

    The winner is Craner

  • Fie Arkham

    Fie Arkham

    22 days ago


  • the dark oreo

    the dark oreo

    22 days ago

    Do a nether version

  • Donna Sinanian

    Donna Sinanian

    22 days ago

    Slog man

  • ST Lim

    ST Lim

    22 days ago


  • Hollie Crawford

    Hollie Crawford

    22 days ago

    Crainer's was the best by far

  • nick rooter

    nick rooter

    22 days ago

    Ay laeket

  • Gan Man

    Gan Man

    22 days ago

    Jelly had the best

  • Jay


    22 days ago

    Josh wins

  • Chris Jared Ganzon

    Chris Jared Ganzon

    22 days ago

    Slogo man and jelly and craneirca

    • Chris Jared Ganzon

      Chris Jared Ganzon

      22 days ago

      No seriously

  • Angel 父

    Angel 父

    22 days ago

    Slogos house was the best

  • izuku midoriya

    izuku midoriya

    22 days ago

    I love all you're videos slogo

  • Jerry Kerr

    Jerry Kerr

    22 days ago

    I like cainers the best

  • Potato


    22 days ago

    I like crainers I’m going to so say it’s a tie

  • michael butler

    michael butler

    22 days ago

    JOSH IS THE BEST YOUTUBER I THE WORLLLLLDDDDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Carie Cicerelli

    Carie Cicerelli

    22 days ago

    I lov it

  • getitn23 omoni

    getitn23 omoni

    22 days ago

    Your the best

  • Ryan Shah

    Ryan Shah

    22 days ago


  • Antoine Lee-Yhonquea Loptube

    Antoine Lee-Yhonquea Loptube

    22 days ago

    If Crainer doesn’t use doors why doesn’t he just make the door on his house a window

  • Dariel Garcia

    Dariel Garcia

    22 days ago

    Slogo is the best one

  • Leah Brook

    Leah Brook

    22 days ago

    I love Josh

  • Paxton johnson

    Paxton johnson

    22 days ago

    SLOGO wins

  • Shaquanna Pringle

    Shaquanna Pringle

    22 days ago

    Jelly and Sligo I’m sry ca ca

  • jaison schwartz

    jaison schwartz

    22 days ago

    sssssssssss slogo wins

  • carolena langlois

    carolena langlois

    22 days ago

    slogo is the Best

  • Sebastian Lopez

    Sebastian Lopez

    22 days ago


  • carolena langlois

    carolena langlois

    22 days ago

    hi Sogo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • PowerPointBoy03


    22 days ago

    Slogo's was by FAR the BEST

  • Rylie Doane

    Rylie Doane

    22 days ago

    whos shorter, boyfriend or jelly? (probably jelly)

  • cool nathan209

    cool nathan209

    22 days ago

    Jelly was the best

  • Torrey Worship

    Torrey Worship

    22 days ago

    You. Win