Playing WHAT’S IN THE BOX in Minecraft!

Published on May 28, 2021
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⭐️ Playing WHAT’S IN THE BOX in Minecraft!



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  • Deadpool Games

    Deadpool Games

    2 days ago


  • Pawel Walczak

    Pawel Walczak

    2 days ago

    uk=slogo beeny=jelly floppy=crainer

  • Robloxian Idiot

    Robloxian Idiot

    2 days ago

    At this point, who wouldn't guess that it's a like button?

  • ً


    4 days ago


  • Rockie Bakker

    Rockie Bakker

    5 days ago

    no it wasn't hard you are just predictable

  • Complete


    5 days ago

    Can i say the first
    There's a brittish flag and queen elizabeth head and there's a dog on top of a rubber duck

  • Laura Rudge

    Laura Rudge

    9 days ago

    He is telling the truth



    12 days ago

    When one of them is acting dumb josh does:

    /kill MrCrainer/Jelly



    12 days ago


  • KING BL4Z3

    KING BL4Z3

    13 days ago

    When u sed what’s in the box i guessed a like botton

  • Dan Křížka

    Dan Křížka

    16 days ago

    We're not JUST chanching lifes, WERE KILL THEM ALL

  • Jahrn Mcghie

    Jahrn Mcghie

    18 days ago

    Have jelly being angry at your videos

    • Jahrn Mcghie

      Jahrn Mcghie

      18 days ago


  • joyce dehart

    joyce dehart

    19 days ago

    Jelly is going to troll you soon

  • Alex Kid

    Alex Kid

    20 days ago

    What’s in the box

  • poor unlucky 1 rol 2020

    poor unlucky 1 rol 2020

    20 days ago


  • Robin McKean

    Robin McKean

    20 days ago

    JSC it’s ruining not running

  • J M

    J M

    21 day ago

    Rubber duck josh

  • NeVeR WaLk AlOnErs 2020

    NeVeR WaLk AlOnErs 2020

    21 day ago


  • Duncan Reynolds

    Duncan Reynolds

    21 day ago

    why does slogos intro always have a like button

  • Sunniva Graskopf Teilgård

    Sunniva Graskopf Teilgård

    21 day ago

    Now i have trust ishuse

  • Louise Renick

    Louise Renick

    21 day ago

    Slogo do a livestream

  • Christian Karl Teves

    Christian Karl Teves

    21 day ago

    Filipino fans here 😀😀💙💙

  • Emirose Aguinaldo

    Emirose Aguinaldo

    22 days ago

    To be fair jelly new logo longer then crainer

    • Emirose Aguinaldo

      Emirose Aguinaldo

      22 days ago

      Tipe o on logo I ment slogo

  • Claire Cole

    Claire Cole

    22 days ago

    It is a LIE

  • Henry Chunn

    Henry Chunn

    23 days ago


  • jagjit pawar

    jagjit pawar

    23 days ago

    i likt when it waz the england one becoz i live on england

  • klendi stefa

    klendi stefa

    23 days ago

    JellySlogoCrainer you shold press F5 to see what is in the box

  • ethan jarmer

    ethan jarmer

    23 days ago

    make a bark burch

  • Divij Sangat

    Divij Sangat

    23 days ago


  • Michael Lamb

    Michael Lamb

    23 days ago

    make annother video on the box pls slogo

  • Offxcial Wxlfify_

    Offxcial Wxlfify_

    24 days ago

    So rude jelly slogo Crainer

  • Peyton Bauer

    Peyton Bauer

    24 days ago

    Josh is so funny I love him

  • IamChinmay BG

    IamChinmay BG

    24 days ago

    How the game know that slogo is Liyeing Or not

  • Sharrie Hajduk Gillespie

    Sharrie Hajduk Gillespie

    25 days ago

    Photo did you know Saudia I mean trouble tops trying to tell you when you like snails so sorry I want to tell you this and why do you make this but I like Siri is the worst and trainer I say watch this video Spiderman the war yourself why did the snail towards the world what is this world a man was with him

  • DarkPho3n1x


    25 days ago


  • Jhg Kuvbk

    Jhg Kuvbk

    25 days ago

    I mean that was easy of course it’s a like button

  • Mikey Edgar

    Mikey Edgar

    25 days ago

    Cranier lie

  • Cameron Lindop

    Cameron Lindop

    25 days ago

    Time 13 of asking for more trailmakers

  • Nath Siv E

    Nath Siv E

    25 days ago


  • Symptomgaming


    25 days ago

    382229th view lol

  • arthurplayz


    25 days ago

    Fun fact this won't git pinned

  • Gabriel Benoit LE 2029

    Gabriel Benoit LE 2029

    26 days ago

    Love your videos my name is GAbe

  • The Yellow3

    The Yellow3

    26 days ago

    Who else thinks that Jelly went in third person POV and saw what was inside during the opening round

  • Dalton Isbell

    Dalton Isbell

    26 days ago


  • Brittney Martin

    Brittney Martin

    26 days ago


  • Jannatul Ferdous Rojony

    Jannatul Ferdous Rojony

    26 days ago


  • Hayden Dennis

    Hayden Dennis

    26 days ago

    I guess that right because it's obviously a light button

  • Dearie Patriarca

    Dearie Patriarca

    26 days ago

    Intro i geuss b*tch

  • Sahand Jamali

    Sahand Jamali

    26 days ago


  • Jordan Myers

    Jordan Myers

    26 days ago

    Crainer is the best YouTube ever

  • Jordan Myers

    Jordan Myers

    26 days ago

    Slogo is mean and sucks

  • Sean Manlangit

    Sean Manlangit

    26 days ago

    Slogo dont tell jelly this jelly more like jelly fish dont tell him pls

  • Mico Mabini Roque

    Mico Mabini Roque

    26 days ago

    Is crainer working out. Slogo. Man

  • Emil Mediavillo

    Emil Mediavillo

    26 days ago

    Slogo do im lying or not
    Slogo do you want to find a real life minecraft search philipines rice terrases

  • Nether king

    Nether king

    26 days ago

    This is from bee town slogo's dog bork jellies bee beney and craner's fish floppy

  • David Langford

    David Langford

    26 days ago

    I have subscribed all notevecations and loked I am from the UK aswel in wales wrecasm so I saport you not duch ant and swedish twig🤩🤩🤩

    • David Langford

      David Langford

      26 days ago

      I am 9 years ols aswel

  • Mary-Jane Shakespeare

    Mary-Jane Shakespeare

    26 days ago

    Do hunters vs speedrunners but you are a ghost

  • SadBoi


    26 days ago


  • Iryn Vista

    Iryn Vista

    26 days ago

    Hello josh can you play speedrunner vs hunters but the world is lego

  • dips nyaupane

    dips nyaupane

    26 days ago


  • YourStudent


    26 days ago


  • Abi Milburn

    Abi Milburn

    26 days ago


  • Kyle Christof

    Kyle Christof

    26 days ago

    Fact: Josh is the maknae of Robust

  • fatima senonr

    fatima senonr

    27 days ago


  • Itz just Rose

    Itz just Rose

    27 days ago

    Why do I feel like this is the first video jelly Slogo and Crainer talk about bee town in a different game

  • Alfie Crewe

    Alfie Crewe

    27 days ago

    Have you noticed
    Slogo had England
    Jelly had himself so I think crainer is telling the truth

  • Alaattin Bolat

    Alaattin Bolat

    27 days ago

    I guessed the like button

  • Travis Quintrell Caleigh Bundalian

    Travis Quintrell Caleigh Bundalian

    27 days ago

    BTW that crainer and jelly did not talk about there merch war and beeney and floppy are both in the box

  • Rishi Singhal

    Rishi Singhal

    27 days ago

    Cramer killer your pet

  • Swapnil Wath

    Swapnil Wath

    27 days ago

    Crainer it’s a fishbowl

  • Tracey Mills

    Tracey Mills

    27 days ago

    Oh my god slogo I love you you're the best
    BTW you are so much better than jelly and crainer

  • GOD Gaming

    GOD Gaming

    27 days ago

    Day 99 of Telling Josh to Play More (Peekabo)😀

  • K&V R&G

    K&V R&G

    27 days ago

    Please go on bee toun

  • Lisc_xd


    27 days ago


  • B7- Latoza, Lorenzo Gabriel

    B7- Latoza, Lorenzo Gabriel

    27 days ago

    hey slogoman make a bork merch

  • KodyLoveTV


    27 days ago


  • Jm Agorita

    Jm Agorita

    27 days ago

    Hunters vs speed runners with dragons pls

  • Ssj God

    Ssj God

    27 days ago


  • Pasang Diki Sherpa

    Pasang Diki Sherpa

    27 days ago

    Josh I no it is beene

  • Rachel Webber

    Rachel Webber

    27 days ago

    Crainer is true

  • Ultrazz gamer

    Ultrazz gamer

    27 days ago

    12:23 that doesnot look like a shark

  • Fatboy Moreno

    Fatboy Moreno

    27 days ago

    Bork bork bork

  • Yuan Tv / Yuan Shorts

    Yuan Tv / Yuan Shorts

    27 days ago

    Everything that someone press the button is there thoughts

  • Johnrafael Eilinger

    Johnrafael Eilinger

    27 days ago

    he didn't know the yellow duck in the bath tub it's a rubber ducky

  • Temi Wunmi

    Temi Wunmi

    27 days ago

    Josh is the best yutber I ever seen in my life ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰😍😍😍😍🤣😂😂😅😅😅😅😅 I will subscribe for you okay love you josh

  • charblsaur


    27 days ago

    I really thought crainer was ether really bad at telling the truth oh insanely good at lying

  • SheepyDuh


    27 days ago

    Jelly is short

    I t i s t r u e

  • BlueSunFlowerX Gaming Channel

    BlueSunFlowerX Gaming Channel

    27 days ago

    I knew it its a like botton 🤣

  • DreiTerrence Santiago

    DreiTerrence Santiago

    27 days ago

    Day 100 OF ASKING FOR MORE ROBLOX!!!!!!!!!!

  • Edward Ortiz-Esteban

    Edward Ortiz-Esteban

    27 days ago

    Do more slogo

  • Herobrine


    27 days ago

    I love Slogo he helps me not KILL from Minecraft

    • Herobrine


      27 days ago

      Keep playing Minecraft Josh.

  • Rebecca Camigla

    Rebecca Camigla

    27 days ago

    Muh Muh Muh minecart time

  • silent killer

    silent killer

    27 days ago

    yayyy i got in top 1000 comments this is 847th comment

  • Mav1Mange


    27 days ago

    Your the best

  • nayomi 7

    nayomi 7

    27 days ago

    3:43 jelly said its me its me haha

  • Cal Wizzarak

    Cal Wizzarak

    27 days ago

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    *He also promised to heal your body.* *If you confess with your mouth the Lord Jesus and believe in your heart that God has raised Him from the dead* *He'll give you eternal life*
    *This Is True Love!!!* *(Look up at the sky and ask God)*

  • Alex Scully

    Alex Scully

    27 days ago

    This one is better than the fort nite one🥳🥳

  • Gaming Gmee

    Gaming Gmee

    27 days ago

    his names harry not bigfoot

  • S Sehdev

    S Sehdev

    27 days ago

    I knew it, I knew that jelly was telling the truth

  • Deajah Wise

    Deajah Wise

    27 days ago

    Just telling the truth